Sunday, March 30, 2008

Manhatten fish and Golden Cakes

yesterday, on the way back to my house, i stopped by a fish market. Manhattan Fish Market (MFM) was a nice place! when i saw the menu.. omg.. i felt like telling the waiter : " I want everything on the menu please! ". But it was impossible, i think i ll need to wash plate for them bcoz i would not have enuff money to pay them! lol...

i ordered a English Breakfast Tea and a Manhattan Fish & Chips!

well, i think some of u might wonder why would i order English Breakfast tea for dinner? ; no other reason, jus because it was the cheapest drinks on the menu! lol...

i think another "best reason" for me to explain would be: " erm, i went there for food oni ma! not for the drinks also! cheh! " lol... so thick face!

Actually i wasnt in good mood yesterday and i din mean to oder! yanz order the fish & chips at first.

when it was ready, "wow" from my heart! of coz i dint shout out la... if not people ll think i m orang asli! lol... the moment he eating.. all crunchy sounds went into my ears! omg... i cant tahan anymore!

somemore he kept telling me: "wei, very nice lo! "
finally, i surrendered... the next second : " excuse me, another set of fish & chips !! " lol...
it proven, any bad mood also couldnt affect me from trying nice food! lol....
after a loooong wait for 15 minutes~ wohoho... my turn to make those crunchy sound! lol..

before we left MFM, we received this piece of paper~~ lol...
overall, the dinner was satisfying!

Price: rm14.90/chips and rm4.9/tea

After fish market, on the way back to my house. I pass by SS2, oh ya. i asked my mom: want pandan cakes ma? lol...

I miss this cake house so much. I only buy pandan layer cake from them. I nvr tried other cakes, so not appropriate for me to make any comment on other cakes. But their pandan layer cake is nice!!

somtimes, nice food not really depend on the renovation of the shops. or else u ll end up paying for their nice renocation n a crappy food! here is somehow a big contrast! lol...

their Yam-layer cake also recommended!!

Price: rm37/kg

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