Thursday, March 20, 2008

ChicKy Shrimp

Hi evione, looong time no see. Long time never update my blog d... coz i got no time.. lol...
well, lets start.

i think most of us know soya sauce.. if u dunno what is soya-sauce.. *$**&%$$#$... lol... get what i mean?? haha...
today i wanna intro 2 dishes that are mainly soya-based dish. It is somehow easy... and u ll eat xtra rice with them!! lol...

Si-Zap-Ha (SOYA-based-SHRIMP)

SiZapHa in cantonese means soya juice i jus made a direct translation... i got no idea what name can it be.. lol... u may suggest it to me!

This dish can be very exclusive, can jus simple family dinner; all and all, it just depend on how big the shrimp u chose! normally people ll buy ming-ha( one type of prawn) becoz the cost is jus affordable; but if u chose to buy tiger prawn, it will definitely nicer. lol...

But, dun think bigger = nicer! jus agak-agak la man.... lol... well, dun think that lobster is suitable for this dish, u ll jus end up wasting the lobster!! haha...

if u insist to used lobster, i can only say: " u are rich... dun show-off here ok? "

i am sure that u ll add xtra rice with this!

jus try~~

difficulties : ** ( 2 stars)
recepi enquiries:


this is another substitution if u dun like shrimp, or allergy to shrimp~

what u need to prepare is jus some chicken, i ll suggest drumstick or wing, and some mok-yi in cantonese... lol.. paiseh, cant find eng for that...

difficulties : ** ( 2 stars)

recepi enquiries:

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