Monday, April 28, 2008


Milwaukee is the largest city in the state of Wisconsin and 22nd largest (by population) in the United States .The city is the country seat of Milwaukee country and is located on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan. As of a revised 2006 U.S. Census estimate, Milwaukee had a population of 602,782. The city is the main cultural and economic center of the Milwaukee–Racine–Waukesha Metropolitan Area with a population of 1,773,519.

ahaha.. the Milwaukee i introducing below not in USA ya! lol...jus located somewhere in Balakong! We went there last thursday, reached there around 5.30pm, and for sure, we were their first customers!! i found the exterior of the building was somehow renovated and the interior was not bad. lol...


their menu~

i ordered Full Loaded Cordon Bleu and a glass of sprite

while i was looking at the menu, i saw this... nex time u may come here before ur date! Try *love of lavender* !! Hahaa…

here was the drink~ So tall??

that design was quite... ermm.. the glass was so tall and i felt it was quite difficult for me to drink leh..haha.. crap...

Cordon Bleu~ u have to add some mushroom sauce in order to make it taste better~

mushroom sauce~

i wonder why they wan to charge us for extra.. ~~ =.= looks nicer rite?? ( with sauce..*slurrpp*)

wah... can u see it?? the cheese melting leh!!! hahaa... omg.. so tempting!!

yanz ordered Charboiled Juicy Chicken Slick

we felt not really full .. so.. one more onion rings!

comment: well, i was told by my fren Milwaukee steak house is like Kaki-corner in cheras.. well, thus i din expect it will cost us $20.9 for a chicken chop. lol... if compared with Kaki-corner, they charge us around rm10+ oni. BUT, Milwaukee wor... so called US brand.. mayb they charge us according to the currency exchange rate! lol...

I have to admit that the environment, renovation and food was nice! So, you all can go and try then oni give me some comment about Milwaukee!! See ya!

Location: near Balakong Jusco. u can email me and i ll giv u the direction! =)


  1. if i go there...1st drink i will order is ... 'love of lavender' ..cuz de effect gt .... keeping good sleep ..XD
    hahaha,,,yea glass so de quantity just a bit nia..dun letit lie u...look tall like so so thin leh~~~ haih ~~..1 tin oso dun hv i thk so.... how much does it cost ?
    wasai !!!.... ur 'cordon bleu' so attracting leh~~~ wit the cheese...melting out..wooooo~~~ feel like wan go eat now..hahaha..can delivery o nt ar har ?..hahaha...huh ?..extra charge ar ?...aiyooo ..pokai lo~~ wa wa wa ~~ !! ur fren order de..more ZHENG leh... 'carboiled juicy chicken stick...^0^ ..
    haahhaha..sure nt full la..
    didnt hear b4 meh.. almost de mahal mahal food sure cant eat full de...hahaha so better go mamak stall yea...
    'gui kap ng dei sik' .... XD yat sei yan yat chi..wat oso mao try try de...^^ (crapping)

  2. lol.. u din sleep well mer??
    yeah... the glass tall oni lo.. er, rm4.5 per glass! lol..
    yes.. it really nice!!! haha... nex time u can go try try... no delivery der la ! hhaa... if deliver, reach u also not nice jo la! lol...
    lol... thats y at last i also chose to makan there lo! ahha...

  3. heih~~ if sleep well wunt order tat drink la~~ hahaXD..
    rm 4.50~~ my gui oni~~..
    hahahaXD.. better drink plain water yea..haha
    yeahor..if delivery jiu not nice liao~~...argree !!
    yao hao fuk !...