Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Rachael, surprise mah???

Rachael, happy birthday!!!! if i am not mistaken, 2 weeks before the surprise birthday celebration, i was invited by the party organiser, liching! wow, that sms considered as the longest sms i received ever!! hhaa.... 20 of us on the last day of semester b4 study break begin, celebrated rachael's bday at Paradiso, Gardens Midvalley.

Well, most of us agreed that those foods provided by Paradiso were above average!! =) those who went there, rmb what u had eaten there? mayb some of u still dunoo the exact name of the menu. let see,
  1. Black Pepper Chicken Drumstick
  2. Irish Stew Lamb
  3. Baked Fish with Lemon & Butter sauce
  4. Spaghetti Al Funghi Con Aglio Alio
  5. Fried Broccoli, Cauliflower and Carrots
  6. Colcannon (Mash with Cabbage and Spring Onions)
  7. Fruits tartlets
  8. Cocktail Drinks

    Although the variety wasnt that much, but it was enuf for us d! =) that was the setting for the buffet dinner. It did match with the environment, overall, NOT BAD la!! haha...

well, let us go thru one by one, from left to right!

This was Spaghetti Al Funghi Con Aglio Alio, it's cook with olive oil.. wow.. nice eh!

Irish Stew Lamb- if u think lamb has certain *shou mei* ( cantonese speaking) in lamb, i can tell u, surprisingly, that smell in that wasnt strong or even can be ignored =)

Black Pepper Chicken Drumstick - a typical chicken. (?? what m i talkin about ??) lol... erm, chicken was noting special, jus the sauce match well with mash potato, n u ll find it interesting!! haha... yummy...

Baked Fish with Lemon & Butter sauce- well, personally dint like that very much! mayb i was late that day.. i shud have tried it right after they served. ..

Colcannon (Mash with Cabbage and Spring Onions)- i must give a wow to that mash potato! it was so creamy and smooth!!! haha... that one was superb!!

Fried Broccoli, Cauliflower and Carrots - well... no big deal! haha..

some cakes? - lol... i missed it!!!!! lol... but weiling told me it was quite sweet.. i think shud be not bad !!

Fruits tartlets - hmm~~ nice!! but... the base wasnt as crispy as it shud be!

my first round~~ haha...

second round~~ lesser d lo...

I think that place was a nice place to celebrate any event! lol... look for Paradiso nex time!

All of us!!!!!!!

Last but not least, : rachael, i am very happy to be ur coursemate for 2 sems, and groupmate on 1st world econ tutorial! and my msn chatmate!!! lol... Happy JubileeING nex year ya!!! =)

This is another part of the story...

i supposed to meet jon at his house and he ll fetch me to mv der. well, that day i also had a so-called surprise dinner.. lol... when i reached, he was eating.. =.= then i was invited to their dinner also... haha...

well, i found this tauhu was abit special. Coz the combination was nice! lol... it gave me some idea on mix matching food!

hmm~~ nice soup. according to him, all material were expensive one! haha... a herbs based soup. nice!!

glutinous rice by jon's aunt~ lol...

hahha... thanks jon n his mom!

Well everyone.... actually i was really really really full after 2 dinner at different time in the same day... but... i went McDonald after i came back from mv.. haha... i accompany my fren there and i was also abit craving for banana pie and nuggets.. so... hhaaha...

well... after that i was officially and unofficially full!!!!!

p/s: sorry for late update... coz i was freaking busy in the past few days! haha...

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