Tuesday, November 9, 2010

[NFP] My summer job

All the way from Malaysia, i came to Mackinac Island, Michigan for my summer job!
I worked as a server in Bistro on the Greens at Mission Point Resort!

This is the host stand with the Hostest Angela!

IMG_0709 This is where i collect my food to serve my table!
We provide miniature golf for family.
IMG_0711 This is where we store ice cubes.
IMG_0712 Smores, one of the best seller dessert in Bistro!
IMG_0713 Gloria, the best dishwasher ever!
IMG_0714Bistro kitchen with my chef buddies Tom and David!
IMG_0715 Me, Chef David and Chef Tom
IMG_0716 I love this soft drinks gun!! I can get Coke, diet coke, root beer, lemonade and ice tea for free!
IMG_0717 I brew starbucks coffee every morning!
IMG_0718 Best Bartender on the island and my favourite drinks: Jeager!!
IMG_0719 We use this computer to punch in order, but this machine very often will drive us crazy!!
IMG_0720MJ and lead server Ricardo
IMG_0721 Gentlemen
IMG_0722 Ang another experienced server is counting the tips he made for the day!
IMG_0723 Nicole the beautiful manager!!
IMG_0724 IMG_0726 My last schedule and my last order!!
can u read what i wrote for my table?
Asparagus, Lamb chop, house cabernet, Heineken, espresso tender well done and asparagus!
IMG_0727 Angela!
I will draw some fortune cat when the business is not good, but Gaby said my drawings was horrible so she draw a better version one.=P
Counting how much i have to pay company the i keep the rest!

Polishing glasses to perfect! ^^
IMG_0732 DSC_1562
Amy, my ex-colleague
Another hostess:  Annie Wong and Gaby Teh
DSC_1565Housekeeping~ Penny on her last day!!


  1. LOL! yeap! and it did bring me lots of fortune! ahha