Monday, February 16, 2009

Where to, Nottingham at night?

I just realised, this is a 1st alcohol post in Onlyfoodie!
As most of you all know, at night in UK, there’s not much places to go – except for a pub, bar or club. That’s where most of everyone’s hangout and chilling place is. Either that, or at home.
After coming back from Manchester, we went to Pitchers and Piano to chill.
This is the people who went to P&P
DSC00216 DSC00235
DSC00258 DSC00255
At first… we had…

Us girls had vodka + orange juice, and the guys had other drinks.

After that, we had another shot.
It’s called Jaeger Bomb.
It’s 1 shot of what’s something like whiskey, and with Red Bull. Once you drop whiskey shot in the big glass with Red Bull, you’d have to drink it all fast in 1 go.

Not long after the Jaeger Bomb…

A shot of Jack Daniel’s Whiskey shot!
Mamma mia!!! I went back hugging the toilet bowl for quite awhile. Detoxify myself. Haha. My body just rejects anything after the vodka + orange. Seriously, I mean, I can drink, but NOT that fast and that soon. Like 1 shot after another – KO. Lol and my friend, Yit Ling, was the first to k-o. But it was alright after that! NO more alcohol for at least 1 month! (haha, I just had a bottle of Smirnoff vodka the other day in the campus bar)

This is after the 3rd time clearing the table. WTH. So many glasses!
Yes, Pitchers & Piano is a somewhat nice place to chill, quite a classy place, and no, it’s not a club. It’s an ex-church turned into a pub. Haha how ironic eh? Friends… next time when you’re in Nottingham and if I’m around, you can always give me a beep if you want to go there!


  1. haha rachael!! so did u get drunk that day??!!! lols...

  2. hahha
    i wasn't drunk, very aware. just that my body rejects excessive intake of alcohol, so i jugged the toilet bowl for quite awhile when i got back