Saturday, March 7, 2009

Jogoya @ Starhill [Part 1/3: The Beginning]


P1050805[Back row from left to right: Danial, ainaa, alice, farrah, ha kim, ai peng, desmond
Front row left to right: eelyn, peyyu and favian]

Last tuesday, a bunch of friends went jogoya for dinner. The main purpose of the dinner was to celebrate Eelyn’s, Favian’s and Peyyu’s birthday.


We departed from unimc at 4:30pm, drop by aipeng house to dress up peyyu!! Thanks aipeng and myvi 7373!!

P1050649March kids: Peyyu


It was expected so unbelievable !! The traffic in kl was so dead!! Snails can move faster than cars!! Trapped in the car for nearly 2.5hours and finally arrived starhill at 7.30pm. >< During the “trafficication journey”, i received more than 10 calls from our beloved farrah and eelyn, concerning whether we have gone into the wrong way! haha..

P1050660 P1050662 P1050664  P1050680

We were given a round table that fits 10 of us. Well, buffet.. is a very crazy subjective thing. You will have to expect yourself non-stop eating until your own marginal cost = marginal benefit!! *crap*

some foods:

P1050656 P1050657 I think these 2 were the raw one… i dare not to try raw food.. lol

P1050658 My favourite!! Oysters

P1050665 My very first round: grill oyster, prawn, thai chicken and some grilled chicken

P1050668 P1050682
Gai Lan (Chinese Broccoli) and Grilled Alaska Cod Fish 

P1050669 P1050673 
Scallop and Unagi 

P1050676 P1050677
My third and fourth round

P1050678 P1050679
Favian and me

Steamed Crab :: Ainaa, eelyn, and Hakim with their crap crab!! ^^

P1050683 P1050685 Deep Fried Mushroom

P1050701 P1050723
Farrah and Eelyn :: Danial and Ainaa

P1050707 P1050712 P1050713
Triple shot of Alice [alice, you biting the glass??]

P1050708 P1050709

[ At 9 pm.. me and ai peng went over to pavilion]…



  1. the first picture:
    I think that's when you all finish eating laaaaaaa

  2. yeah! u are right! it is a group photo ma!!

  3. its written, "The beginning" should not upload this photo laaaaaaaa