Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spaghetti Feast @ EduSquare


Last week, out of a sudden, we had the spaghetti fiesta in EduSquare. We went over to tesco semenyih to equip us some material like: spaghetti, meat, juice, fruits, tang yuan and what ever~

n719830434_2811853_4136594 n719830434_2811865_8138998

Peyyu cutting bacon and i helping out in the cooking part. *Opps* none of the bacon fall out!

n719830434_2811859_1233428 n719830434_2811863_3601210
Aipeng the main chef and Yanz the poser! lols.

n719830434_2811862_3636212 n719830434_2811864_3094974
Hmm.. do these photo clearly shows that we like cam whore?

n719830434_2811873_2549816 (2) n719830434_2811872_1417877
I have no idea what aipeng trying to do in both photo!!!

n719830434_2811880_7005539 n719830434_2811881_6049194
Hmm.. 3 of them listening to the MAIN CHEF *cough* desmond ? haha… :: Cards game!

n719830434_2811882_83876 n719830434_2811884_2331102
Hmm… she… GAMBLING QUEEN!!!!!!!!! *pointing to the card* 3 ACES !!!

n719830434_2811876_1371293   n719830434_2811881_6049194
At last..The spaghetti is cooked… at 9.20pm

n719830434_2811888_561604 n719830434_2811886_51623
Serving (HUNGRY!!!)

n719830434_2811949_6073410 n719830434_2811947_63806
The “best friend” photo!!! *evil smile*

n719830434_2811950_7370050 n719830434_2811954_6622071
Some shots

n719830434_2811951_7302188*ta-da!!!* the end product

 n719830434_2811959_1338849 n719830434_2811960_5555955
The “tang yuan” moment :: She lost in a game and she has to drink the leftover soup *see her face*


THANK YOU so much!!!!

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  1. Aiyo, AiPeng's face looks like you all torture her to wash the dishes like that!!