Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cupcakes anyone?


Firstly, before I introduce myself, I would like to thank Desmond for inviting me to be a "partner" of I am really honoured because he actually trust me when it comes to food! MUAHAHAHA *evil laughter*

I'm Jonathan and I happen to be in same course (foundation @ Notts) as Desmond. I would say that one of my weakness is food. As in, YUMMY, TASTY, ODD & SPECIAL food. I always believe that life is so short that we MUST live it to the fullest and taste as much food as possible before we..erm... "kick the bucket"? :) However, I'm rather opionated when it comes to the quality & taste of food. Warning : I might give straight forward opinions. For instance, my idea of good food is the food served in SA, I mean the food served at Kanpachi restaurant (Equatorial Hotel). Fortunately, I'm on a loooooong Summer break. Hopefully, I'll try out more restaurants and also try to blog as often as possible!

Since it's my very first entry here, I would like to share something tasty with you guys!

Boring Cakes... *yawn*

Birthday. Today happens to be my younger brother, Bryan's birthday. Instead of the plain ol' birthday cake, mom decided to get him something different. Cupcakes!! Yea yea, cupcakes sound so girly and all but trust me, it's different this time!

Old fashion cupcakes...

The theme of the cupcakes my mom ordered is "Beach Party". Surprisingly, it turned out quite cool. I have to admit that I do not quite like cupcakes because I feel that they all taste the same. However it's different in this case. There's a variety of flavour such as butter, chocolate, orange and banana & walnut (my FAVOURITE). The cupcakes not only look good, they taste even better. Moving on to the technical side, the texture of the cupcakes are moist and fine. Each bite is simply a bliss :) The chocolate muffin is rich & moist, the butter ones smell really good, the orange flavoured ones are tangy and the banana cupcakes are simply tasty. Enough with the compliments, it's time to show you guys some photo of the cupcakes...

Presenting BEACH PARTY...

Closeup Shot

I see sharks. I see trees. I see beaches & yummy cupcakes :)

All in all, I feel that cupcakes can be a new replacement for birthday cakes. Not only they are good looking, they are yummy and convenient too! We can say bye bye to the mess while distributing cakes. In this case, just pass ONE to everyone! Mind you, if cupcakes for guys look this great, imagine what the girls (the pastry chef) can do for girls.

Simply drop me an email if you wish to order these gorgeous cupcakes for any occasion! I'll pass you the contact details.

Bon Appetit!
foodie - Jonathan Wong 001

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  1. where can i buy those cupcakes??
    it look nice!!