Monday, May 26, 2008

Motivation by food?

At last! We were left with out LAST paper, accounting. We decided to go to Semenyih for some decent food. I guess food somehow plays a large role in cheering us up and motivating us to work harder as in revision). We ended up in not one, but TWO restaurants!


Al-Shad, a Northern Indian Cuisine Restaurant @ Semenyih

Naan. It is an Indian flat bread that is usually served with dahl or curry. The specialty of this bread is its aroma and the texture. Toppings on naan may vary from butter to garlic and sometimes, it's served plain. It is believed that the flavor is affected by preparation method, which is by baking it in a HUGE Tandoor (Clay Oven).

The above dish is a combination of 2 items. Curry chickpeas is on the left of the plate. The chickpeas is cooked with basic curry, herb & spices. Wondering what the lump of green stuff is?Well, it's called Palak Paneer! This Indian dish is a blend of Spinach, cheese & spices. It may not look appetizing, but try it & you'll love it! I guess the special thing of this dish is the perfect blend of flavour due to the spices. Now...who says eating vegetable is dull?

Briyani Rice. For those live in KL, I'm sure you all have heard of briyani rice. It's just white rice cooked with spices like cinnamon, cumin, coriander and tumeric powder. However, here's the catch, Basmati Rice is used instead of the normal fragrant rice. This long grain rice itself have its own unique flavour and taste. Therefore, briyani rice is flavorful & tasty!

Mutton Curry.

Tandoori Chicken. Tandoori chicken is different from the grilled chicken found in Western restaurants. This is due to the spices used to marinate the chicken. Again, the spices and the way it is barbequed (using the Tandoor oven) makes the chicken tastes scrumptious.


Dun think semenyih is a ulu area~ at least here has a steak house ok? * erm.. anything to proud of that? *

basically, semenyih.. i nvr been there untill i went register for my uni~ well, this steak house named D'TREE STEAK. lol... jus in semenyih central area~

My fren rocommended me their fish & chips, the portion is quite big and the price is onlu rm5.90 when still in promotional period!! lol... i went there on tuesday with my uni frens, that time was still rm5.90, mana tau on wednesday, i went there again with my secondary skol fren, they adjusted the price to rm7.90 d ~ coz i din realise rm5.9 was a promotional price! lol...

my fren ordered this chicken chop, according to them, it was not bad. I also tried b4, also considered nice! But, some of my fren said not really nice if compare with what what steakhouse.. bla bla bla~ hey my fren, jus think bout it, i jus evaluate them with the price!! plz la, u paying mayb one third of those branded fish n chips in branded steak house... dun so choosy lar~ =.=

MAMA Cup in Pork Flavour

One day during exam period, i saw my housemate, Suvicha eating cup noodle. At first, i din know the uniqueness of the cup noodle. When i observed it carefully, ohh~!! PORK flavour! i think we cant get it anywhere in Malaysia. He told me the mee from thailand~

Thailand BEST

hmm.. i think this shud be the "PORK "

* sluurrp *

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