Saturday, May 31, 2008

Another new recruit!

Greetings everyone! Let me introduce myself first before introducing and recommending any other nice food........

I am Rachael and is a classmate of Desmond & Jonathan. I've been recruited and invited by Yang Amat Berhormat Tan Sri Datuk Desmond Chua Xiang Xin, the owner of to be part of . Hahaha. Our main aim in is to introduce and recommend you nice, interesting, delicious, special food, food reviews, our opinions and also, sometimes, rants and gossips and what nots. Do take note that this is not only all about food though!

I've been invited by Desmond a few days ago to be a foodie member, and on 31st May, Desmond gave me the access to this blog at 12AM. Thanks Des!!!

I come from Penang, so throughout this whole summer as I'm back in Penang already for the holidays, I'll mostly be introducing you food in Penang. However, sometimes, I might go out of Penang for food, so it's not just only makan-makan Penang for me. I've tasted loads of food from KL, and once in awhile to spice things up, I'll post something different - perhaps food from KL and other places.

I have a series of food lining up, waiting to be posted into an entry... be patient people! Do check this site often for more updates.

Thank you!


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