Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Year’s Eve meal

Sorry for the very late update people! As you all might have known (or not), we had a whale of a time studying for the exams and all that. Finally! It’s about time to clean the dust in OnlyFoodie!

What I’m going to talk about is… my new years eve meal. No, not chinese new year eve, but the 31st of December 2008 meal. I had my last meal of the year – homecooked.



There. Can you see the monkey drawn on the newspaper? Hee hee. I drew it.

BTW, let’s not focus on the newspaper, as it’s just been used as a table-cloth.

What we cooked was

1) Basmati rice

2) Watercress with chicken drumsticks

3) Cabbage with egg and oyster sauce


Yes. This is my last meal of the year 2008. Though the picture  may look unappetizing, but it’s pretty darn sure it’s edible! Never judge a book by its cover and this applies for food too! Haha.

Surprise surprise… that I’m able to find watercress vege here.



Cooking the soup was easy, as it’s the same method as other soup.

1) Boil water in pot
2) When the water boils, throw in chicken drumsticks
3) When the water boils again, throw in the vege (watercress)
4) Close the lid of the pot and leave it to boil.
5) Add in pepper/salt/sugar, whichever it is to suit your taste

… and it all takes about 20 minutes.



The vege too, was like any other vege fried.

1) Heat up pan
2) Pour a reasonable amount of cooking oil
3) Fry garlic
4) Throw in cabbage
5) Add a bit of water
6) Add a bit of oyster sauce
7) Add a bit of salt
8) Crack an egg and stir fry with the vegetable

… and it takes about 5 minutes.


Hah. I assure you, I’m returning home with improved cooking skill. =P

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  1. aiyer..i like tht fork n spoon..
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