Friday, September 26, 2008

Roast Chicken at finger tips!!

I think most of u very familiar with Chicken Rice in malaysia, most of them serving roasted chicken. Do u ever thought of doin it by urself at home??

First of all, i would like u all to know that marinating is the core process, just like a foundation is most important steps for every building. U will need soya sauce, black soya sauce, pepper powder, 1/6 teaspoon of salt and oyster sauce. =)

then oven it for 12 minutes 200'c each side. (top and bottom)

Cut it into the ur favourable sizes! =) Dont u think roast chicken is easy NOW?? haha.. TRY it!!
or u can actually prepare some black pepper sauce and make it into blackpepper chicken or chicken maryland~ lols...

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