Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thank You

I wanna give u guys a BIG HUG!! I LOVE U!!

Part 1
Ikan Bakar for lunch
[Aipeng, Fav, Famien, Yanz, Joanne, Sau Liang]

 Part 2 
 RedBox With UniMates
[Ailyn, Jess, Liching, Famien, Sherlyn, Pui Yee, Ai Peng, Favian, Jee Wei, Jun Wong, Yanz, Ann, Yun Er]

Part 3
Dinner at Alexis
[ABon, Siwen, Poh Kim, Juicy, Siao Chian, Yanz, Tau Shen, Marlson, Miwang, Kok Fung, Han Ming, Ah Lut, Louise]

Part 21 
Dinner at Shabu-Shabu Kuchai Lama
[ Jess, Liching, Ai Peng, Favian, Jee Wei, Jun Wong, Yanz, Sau Liang, Yee Ping, Joanne, Chel Gee, Hanming, Vincent, Ji Liang, Heng Chia, Max, Pui Yee, Peyyu]

Part 4
Dinner at New York New York
[Mr and Mrs Chua, Jian Pei, Jian Bin, Jian Bang]

  Part 5
Dinner at Seoul Garden
[Andy, Dickson, King, Belinda, Shan Shan, Megumi, Samuel,Veron]

Kiehl’s from family and Polo-T from Uncle!!


Bvlgari AQVA Parfums from my high school gang aka The Outing Kaki(s), now is my favourite!!
Personal Diary from Jhen! She’s  just so caring!! haha

A handmade Birthday Card from LingYok, LooWern, Jessica, Liching!!!

A card from Sara, Tiscra the Tortoise, Suwen, ChernTa, Jonathan Wong and Rachael Lim
Racheal wanted to send atomic fart to me when asking my address!!
WAIT! Did you fart on this card???

A handmade cookies from her, she wants to stay anonymous. (tho i din get her point)

. . . . . .  . .And all wishes on facebook , SMS, and birthday calls!! =)))))

This will be my last post for Year 2009.  Happy NEw year!!

p/s: I am going to celebrate new year with my Outing kaki(s) tonite!! see you guys in 2010!


  1. wah all the makan sessions.. haha..
    happy new year! =)

  2. haha! yeah! i was so full for the entire week!! LOL

    happy new year too!!

  3. lol. it sounds like u have celebrated ur birthday for a month! hahaha

  4. lol... no la.. few days oni!!
    again, thanks for ur dairy!!