Friday, December 25, 2009

now, i am 21years and 1month old - 4

DSC01562waa! If you follow my blog, i think you should know how many times i been blogging about this already! haha.. I still love their food very much. Although recently i found out, their pricing abit similar with Chilli’s pricing! As in, it jus cost us a similar amount when we dined in Chili’s and NewYork. 


My youngest brother, he is getting chubbier and chubbier! I think he is one of the Biggest Size in his class! xD
I only eat 6 meal a day, to him, how many meals also wont be a problem! =P Again, me and my Fish and Chips. Aww… desmond, please lar, everytime eat fish and chips, not boring mer? LOL… ThATS MY FAV LAA!!

IMG_4166 IMG_4159
My father with his Terriyaki Chicken. Miwang said my father very “yeng”. lolx!
oh ya, that on the right one is Mrs Chua, my mom!! haha..

This is my form 5 brother! One thing i admire him the most is, he can score very high marks w/o me seeing him study alot!!! LOL.. How i wish i could have this kind of… POWER!
*mayb while he study very hard at night, i was facebooking or probably fishing in dream!!*

IMG_4169 IMG_4167
This is my form 2 brother! Very demanding one leh! =P

IMG_4165 IMG_4164
See, this small little kid having ADULT’s portion!! After dinner, he told us he was still hungry!!!!!!  @.@

P/s: While having conversation with the manager, he told us that, if anyone can finish their GIANT YANKI BUEGER and FRIES within an hour alone, they wont charge you a single penny!! Curious about GIant Yanki Burger?



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