Saturday, December 12, 2009

now, i am 21years and 1month old -2


IMG_5279After RedBox session in Gardens, we headed to Kuchai Lama for this Shabu-Shabu. This restaurant located in Kuchai Lama Entrepreneur Park, which is a new shop lots area. 

They use Japanese Sushi Concept which is foods will be delivered through conveyor belt. Basically, you just need to sit there and wait for your food. Oh ya, for raw meat such as lamb, pork, you will need to order from them. 

IMG_4071That was our first time there so some of them din manage to find their way. while waiting for them after few times instruction through phone were given, they  we too hungry already.. So… =P

IMG_4075 Aipeng Best friend from Australia. And Chel Gee from our uni.


Sliced Pork and Lamd.


Me and Favian

IMG_4081(read from 7 o’clock side) JunWong, Yee Ping, Sau Liang, Joanne and Yanz

IMG_4083 HanMing (white Top), Ji Liang, Heng Chia, Max and Vincent

IMG_4087Me, Favian, Jee Wei, TAP and Maggie (white smoke on my shoulder?)

IMG_4089 IMG_4090

Cam Whorers =P

IMG_4093First Pic:: A serious one. Smileeee

IMG_4094 Second one: Act Cute abiiit

IMG_4095Third one: Numbers numbers numbers. 10-4-2-4-1


LOL… *not description can be given*

IMG_4099This one… SHE WIN!!

IMG_4104Jee Wei and Me (she has a seducing hair. Favian, 2009)

IMG_4097 IMG_4107
Me and Yee Ping :: SauLiang the RAIN Power Ranger

… to be continue

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