Tuesday, December 29, 2009

now, i am 21years and 1month old- 5

Merry Xmas and happy new year!! Last but not least, my roommates, together with some of their year 1 gang, also celebrate my bday with me. haha! I feel so honoured!! That night, all the way from Semenyih, drove to Bandar Utama to have a simple dinner together. We wanted to go Pick and Brew one, unfortunately, it has closed down since 1st November, AWWW!! After that, we were struggling between TGI or Seoul Garden; well, “Anything” was the standard answer from all my roommates. Coin flipped, we went into the Korean BBQ restaurant. SEOUL GARDEN

IMG_4204The unofficial and unpaid ambassador. –,-

IMG_4175Well, their slogan: THE TABLE BARBEQUE PEOPLE.   
*saw that black-hole in the middle? know its function??*

This is basically a all you can eat barbeque buffet. Prepare a blank stomach before you go.




Varieties of sauce. I loved their SG SPECIAL sauce!!


All you can grill and cook


This was the way we barbequed our stuff, they have unlimited supply of beef, chicken, prawn, lamb , seafood, fish.. WOW! We took darn alot alot alot alot!! 
In the middle, they provide you shabu-shabu-style aka you can have them 2 in one.
Grill at the side, and dip in the middle.


Whole range of Yong Tau fu



IMG_4180Their fried rice and seafood noodle was awesome!! But then,i think that was a trap!!! Please be noted that, do not eat rice at the beginning. Cause it will make you full!!! But then, the rice was so irresistible until i taken 3 plates.. @.@

Some random photos…

IMG_4186 IMG_4187

IMG_4190 IMG_4193

P/S": It is adviced that you grilled it thoroughly, otherwise, you will probably get stomach-ache on the next day.

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