Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tmax farewell @ NewYork Deli (third visits)


If i not mistaken, i still remembered i saw this New York Deli in oneU after a lunch with Jonathan and Ash after our very first Yea workshop. For those who studying abroad in western country, hmmh, this is another western food to you. To me, i am looking forward to write a review of it! (haha, did it sound as if i am a food journalist?)


Walking pass the restaurant, i was attracted by this adv board. From NYNY Chicken Run, Sweets Parlor to Cape-Style Fish and Chips, what i had in mind was, “ You are my next target! ”


Picture above shows that how anticipated i was toward this NYNY Deli!


Tmax farewell was the second visit to NYNY, the first attempt was an outing with my uni mate! And i was shocked by their GIANT BURGER!! I am quite certain that i couldn’t finish this gigantic fellow!

Giant Yankee Chicken Burger rm43.50
On his farewell dinner, i highly recommended him this 8" wide Giant Yankee Chicken Burger *evil grin*
haha, after few rounds of persuasive conversation, he placed the order! The “arrival” of this king-kong-meal-serving burger had captured our attention, i slowly watched the others expression and “stunt” would be the only best word to describe!

IMG_1946 IMG_1947
New York Peach rm6.50 :: Ultra Rich Chocolate Velvet rm6.50
Personally, i found their drinks were priced reasonably. Based on my past experience, a coffee or juice would costs around 12 to 15 bucks in western restaurant. 6.50, don’t you think is a fair price?

IMG_1938 IMG_1948
Pasta :: Rotisserie Spring Chicken rm24.90
There are thousands of pasta out here, in different restaurant, different cooking methods, different ingredients being used; so it is actually very subjective for us to really rank it one by one. We would rank a particular pasta as “the best i ever tried” mainly because their taste jus hit it right on you or you won a 4D that day; in contrast, perhaps you would say: “ even my shit also taste nicer than this” just because you have got a sms from your girlfriend saying she has got pregnant.

IMG_1950 IMG_1949
Premium Quality Cape Style Fish n Chips! rm16.90 :: Pizza
Frankly speaking, fish ‘n chips used to be a “kid’s meal” to me. I couldn’t produce you an answer why i had been resisted it for almost 8 years!! I knew i was so so wrong after i had my very first FnC at Fish and Co in oneU. Since then, i officially fall for it!
Back then, i have my own ranking of FnC.
First place is given to Spaghetti Grill’s FnC,
Second is NYNY FnC,
Third: FIsh n Co, then Manhattan FnC.

IMG_1953 IMG_1954
Chicken and Prawns Combo rm29.90 :: Long Island Salmon Steak rm36.90
some says that ocean and lakes around Long Island produce some of the world best salmons.

IMG_1958 IMG_1959
Chicken and Prawns Combo rm29.90 :: Pasta with lamb shank
I asked them to add some “fire burning” cheese on top of the grilled chicken. It was awesome!

IMG_1878 IMG_1960 
Lake Chocolate rm12.90
The ultimate chocolate combination! Blast off with this whirling pool of chocolate and the divine combination of scrumptious banana with your favourite ice cream, simply irresistible that it makes your taste buds tango for this lip smacking dessert.
Eewen was satisfied with my recommendation!

   IMG_1970 IMG_1972
Before eewen left, she gave tmax a goodbye kiss!! so sweet!


  1. i like the burger size.... but it is way too expensive la

  2. yeah.. food making my wallet bleeding more...

  3. same comment like lchiban, expensive! nanged u! hope to see u nanged me back! tq!nang me!

  4. haha, i feel pamper myself occasionally is a good idea!
    but their food is nice!! go have a try! especially their Fish and Chips!

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