Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Outing Kakis’ Event

For your information, Outing Kaki(s) is a group dedicated for our high school gang! Although Alex and Yanz complained that the group name “Outing Kaki(s)” is a bit or perhaps very lame, i couldn’t thought of any other substitute already, so just let it be!

On August 22nd, which was 2 days before Alex Ong gone back to States, we had our very first time paintball session. This “Say No to Peace” event almost went into waterloo.. that was because some of them couldn’t make up their mind until i told them a deposit of rm30 had been paid. ^^

IMG_2793 IMG_2794

The “Say No to Peace” event was considered succeed because there were 14 of us shown up! We arrived there around 11am and began with registration and payment.

IMG_2796 IMG_2798

We were given a briefing from the officer in charged before the war began.


Proudly introduce the Winning Team! the KamiKaze Team!

IMG_2802 IMG_2803
Some candy shot during break period.

IMG_2814IMG_2804  IMG_2801 IMG_2811
Yan Xin “ter-makan” pallet ! and i get a kneck shot from our opponents which turn out to be a love-bite mark.

We look so damn pro, but don’t judge us by appearance. =P

IMG_2817 IMG_2819

We were super duper hungry after paintball. After bathe in jiyong’s house, we headed to midvalley for lunch.

IMG_2822 IMG_2823

IMG_2839 IMG_2841
Sp Ice Green Tea rm3 :: Fresh Jug of the day rm12

IMG_2840 IMG_2845
Green Tea Latte rm8 :: Milky Green Tea rm8
Alex Ong highly recommend Milky Green Tea

IMG_2849 IMG_2850
Ebi to Ika NO Spicy Pasta rm22
Prawn and Squid Spicy Pasta

IMG_2851 IMG_2857IMG_2866 
Surume Ika rm18 :: Ebi Ika rm23

IMG_2854 IMG_2855
Chicken Teriyaki to Onsen Tamago rm19

Seafood Mentaimayo Pizza rm22
Seafood and Spicy Cod Fish Ace Mayonnaise Pizza

IMG_2860 IMG_2859
Mini Chicken Katsu Curry Rice rm22 :: Mini Yasai no Wafu Soup Pasta rm22

IMG_2844 IMG_2848
Unagi Onsen Rice rm16

IMG_2847 IMG_2844
Unagi Onsen Rice rm16

IMG_2858 IMG_2863
C.Croq Curry Rice rm18

Mini Teriyaki Chicken Pasta and Mini Hotate Pizza rm22

IMG_2815 IMG_2816
We went for Orphan after Pasta Zanmai. We bought a total of 17 tickets which filled up almost 10% of the theatre!! and, i given 2 thumbs up to Orphan! AWESOMEEEEE!!


  1. Paintball!!!! I wish to play it so long ago but never get it!! Yer!!!
    by the way, where is your hometown o?

  2. hahaa... go bukit jalil there play lo! beside that train station one.

    my hometown? muar... why le?

  3. you say back to hometown and have the paintball activities? i wonder where is your hometown that got paintball ma.. as i know, only feel states have it la~

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