Wednesday, June 9, 2010

WAT: Chicago O’Hare Airport

Date: 30th May 2010
Venue: Chicago O’Hare Airport
Finally i get to walk around because i been sitting at the same seats for 13 hours!
i felt my leg a little bit cramp already! argh!
There was a nitice boeard written “No Smoking, no eating, No camera”. But i jus had a quick shot without them realising me!

When i was checking in through the immigration counter, me and favian got retained by the immigration officer. I saw Dino and Carol got their passes already, i was so nervous about that! Would they had us as terrorist, drag us inside a room and whack us like nobody business jus like what is being shown in movies? ( somehow i was worried that i would get deport back to msia) urgh….
We were asked to fill up a NCEER forms. The whole thing took us around 2.5hours and i asked for reason we being retained, the officer told us that this is the standard procedure for the first timer here. But i doubt that, coz carol and dino were first timer too! *i still wondering*
On my way to Terminal C21 to Detroit Airport
“ i am freaking tiring, i want to get a good good sleep! on a bed!!!”
Because i hadn’t been sleeping for like 2 days… @.@

Some Candy Shot

The tunnel from Terminal B to Terminal C
Creative tunnel

This was where i had my first America meal. But then, u guess what did i order?
  Orange Chicken(Sweet and Sour Chicken) and fried rice. ahah.. i miss malaysia!
There was a kid playing saxophone. Favian said he din play well. 
Can you see how tiring i was? =(
Next: Detroit airport, St Ignase, Michigan

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  1. I think you were detained because you took a photo at the terminal when you were not supposed to.