Tuesday, June 8, 2010

On the eve of my birthday (14th April), we went to Antibo for dinner and I thought it was just a few of us, and over there, there's more people! Hee hee. Sneaky Sara and Moomoo. They told me housemates dinner.

 Alright... here's the appetizers :)

Yit Ling (Moo)'s Garlic Mushrooms

My garlic bread. Yes. Garlic bread!

Pei Ling's Scottish Mussells

Sara's hot wings

Jun Hao and Terence's Antibo Combo

Graeme's Parma Ham and Melon. Hee Hee :P

Aaron's Scallops

Faiz's Calamari Piri Piri

And then to main dishes...

And then to desserts...

Sambuca pancake with ice cream... Magnificento! I ordered 5 for everyone to share in the pairs of 2.

When the pancake and ice cream is served, the waiter will then pour Sambuca on it, and then light it up with fire. Then the alcohol will burn. :D Alright. I've taken Sambuca shots, and it tastes like colgate/darlie. Hee hee. But this one after it's burnt, it tastes sweet.

My chocolate brownie with ice cream birthday cake! :)

Yours truly, OnlyFoodie RL
I seriously don't know what happened to the camera. So much noise and so dark!

Group picture:

Graeme, Faiz, Sara, Aaron, Julyan, Pei Ling, Yit Ling, Me, Jun Hao and Terence

Another group picture!

-Signing out, OnlyFoodie RL

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