Sunday, July 12, 2009

Nothing beats...

a home cooked dinner.

Well, living in London now, and studying in London School of Economics, sometimes, the weather is such a bitch that you don't feel like going out, and you just want to eat something fast, tasty and hot.

Corn soup with 2 pork ribs

Fried mackarel with black pepper

Beans fried with prawns, mussels and squid.

Notice that there's no garlic involved? Chopping and peeling garlic can be such a bitch sometimes. Moreover, your hand will smell like garlic for a few days. Sainsbury has this range of cooking oil that comes together with garlic already. So no hassle!

Jasmine rice

Nescafe gold + condensed milk and a glass of orange juice

.....aaaaaah! happy tummy!

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