Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jamie Oliver on a Thursday night...

Once, Yit Ling's brother cooked dinner for us, and it was delicious. YUM. I kinda know the ingredients, but couldn't figure out what sauce was that. Then, I had a look at her brother's Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food and found the recipe.

I cooked Pasta Shells with a Creamy Smoked Bacon and Peas by Jamie Oliver.

Well, I did not follow the recipe fully. I changed the Peas to Ham instead, cause there's no peas in my fridge.

I bought all the ingredients from Sainsbury, cause I'm staying in Covent Garden, zone 1 in London, and there's a Sainsbury about 7 minutes walk from my place.

Behold people... the ingredients! Bacon, Ham, crème fraîche, lemon, mint leaves, shell pasta, and butter

3 slices of bacon, and 3 slices of ham

Mint leaves

Shell pasta and crème fraîche. You've got to use crème fraîche.

Overall ingredients

Steps :

Pick the mint leaves and discard the stalks, then chop it finely

Bacon and ham too, chop it finely into cubes

Use butter as oil

Fry bacon and ham till you think its ok

Add like 3-5 big spoons of crème fraîche and continue to stir it. Then, add those chopped mint leaves into it, and stir for awhile. After that, add a few squeezes of lemon into it, and stir so the lemon would spread.

And there it is!

It's an easy cooking yet tasty. If I were to cook for friends (YO LI CHING!!!), this would be the top of my choice. It's not jelak, nothing. Just purely nice and tasty. And Eggy, if you want, I can cook for you too! Without ham and bacon that is! But before that, you peeps have to search and see whether do they sell crème fraîche in Malaysia or not. Try searching it in the milk/cream/butter/cheese section. Perhaps Cold Storage or any other International supermarket ought to have it.

....and I realized my cooking improved tremendously! Or shall I say... I finally revealed my inner cooking skills. Haha.

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