Sunday, January 29, 2012

Morgan’s Field @ Pavilion

The American Blues, the quintessential element of the American Midwest that tells the historical journey of modern America today. Developed when African American workers migrated to the Midwest and northeast during the Great Migration in the early 50's, these acoustic cum harmonica-based bluesy-jazz tunes started as street-corner based music. Soon though, the music gained massive popularity and spread across America with the same energy as its advocates.

With as much vigor as the music that accompanied them, the workers also introduced their own style of cuisine, spinning their Delta Blues whilst venturing into their life's other passion: Food. Or, more specifically, good ol' fashioned barbecued pork ribs, with an extra dose of charming Southern hospitality! And so the essence of Morganfield's™ began.

Morganfield's™ combines life's two greatest passions: music and great soul food. At the heart of Morganfield's™ is its signature dish – Sticky Bones™ – a truly authentic, old-fashioned prime pork rib slow-cooked and smoked in coal and hickory wood to a tender mouthwatering perfection, then basted with the gluey sweet and tangy hickory flavored barbeque sauce with a hint of cider. A perfect accompaniment with good blues music and great friends! Sticky Bones™, one of life's magnificent pleasures!

During some nights at Morganfield's™, you can sense the original toe-tapping excitement of the roaring 50's, venturing back to times when life was stress free and great music and food reigned, easing the long summer's day. (Morgan’s Field, 2011)





250gm Sirloin – rm46.90
Tender and juicy sirloin char-grilled to order.




Blackened Salmon – rm43.90
Pan seared Norwegian salmon with Cajun spice and topped with
shrimp sauce. Served with pilaf rice and garden veggies.


Tuscan Baked Spicy Spare Ribs
Oven-roasted with spicy tomato sauce. Served with red skin mashed potatoes and garden veggies.




Sticky Bones Spare Ribs – rm36.90 /half slab
The most tender, succulent and hearty pork ribs in town! Slow-cooked with hickory smoke, grilled and basted with Hickory BBQ sauce.
Served with Mashed Potato and crispy pork bacon.


Miwang the millionaire and Desmond the Foodie


Siao Wei, Bernice, Tao Shen, Alex Ong and Marlson


Miwang, me and Yanz



Before we left Pavilion at 2am.

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