Tuesday, June 7, 2011

<ADS> Do you think your house is fully protected?

  Already have a home alarm system?
Planning to get one soon?
Have you ever thought of the scenario below might happen?  

What is the point of spending few thousands bucks for sophisticated alarm system without protecting the weakest point of your house?
Although you have solid window frame, aluminum doors and even the most sophisticated alarm system with CCTV installed, roof, is still a weakest point of a house.
Some News from Oriental Daily Newspaper:
(December 26, 2011: Intruders came inside the house through the roof and no one actually realize about it. )
Multiplan Construction hereby introducing money back guaranteed solution:
“The Roof Solution”
in order to mitigate any attempt from intruders to enter your house through the roof!
Is time to do something for yourself!
Get yourself a  Roof.Solution!
Contact us now for more details!

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