Wednesday, September 15, 2010

work.and T.R.A.V.E.L.!!

Finally, i am done with the “work” part of the Work and Travel USA program! I am now on the train to Washington DC after being a 5d4n New Yorker!
Travelling from St. Ignace (one of the nearest town from my working place Mackinac Island) to NYC wasn’t as easy as i thought. I still remember when i talk to Nicole Kreimer, my manager that i am taking a bus all the way from St Ignace to NYC, she gave me “that kind” of look saying that “ ARE YOU CRAZY? WHATS WRONG WITH U?!”

Isit too late to understand this?
Yes, it is. (But at least i experience that)
To be honest, taking bus wasn’t  that hard, jus the transit part killed me. I had a total of 4 transit and some of them had to wait up to 5 hours transit time with no internet access inside the greyhound building. >.<
Oh ya, not forget to share with you some view from my seats: DSC_1247
Blue Sky with some buildings…
DSC_1248 Blue sky with some other houses…
DSC_1249      Blue sky with some other houses…
DSC_1246 and…  Blue sky with some other houses…
Do you feel bored?
That’s what i felt for the 26 hours bus ride.

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