Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mackinac Island Breakfast

Talking about breakfast, i am missing nasi lemak, g-cheong-fun and all Malaysian breakfast  BADLY ! =(
However, i start getting bored of western breakfast since i arrived 1.5 months ago which includes scrambled egg, bacon, hotdog and potatoes… (@.@)
Local Breakfast $8.50

On the 4th of July, me and Edywn went out  for our very first non-mission point-breakfast! We came into this pancake house that was recommended by local. I just ordered a local breakfast but i have no idea how it looks like or how big the portion gonna be.
To be frank, i was abit disappointed with that because the breakfast portion was so small. 
Mackinac Island Toast $10
Edwyn got himself this, their bacon was so good!
DSC_0176 I think i already fall for corn syrup since i work here! I dip potatoes with it, fried chicken with it, though Jolene said that i am weird, but then self satisfaction is always more important. =)
DSC_0177   American could hardly take any chilli sauce, only ketchup is served here.. strange thing happened to me, i am known as a chilli-freak, i suppose to love all chilli and hot sauce.. But i am so used to  have ketchup instead of chilli cause, i felt chilli sauce tasted weird when Edywn bought a chilli sauce back from wallmart. Hmm…environment changed my preference…
P/s: I want Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa! =(


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