Saturday, March 13, 2010

鸡窝包 = Henshouse Bun?


Have you ever heard of this bao? To me, it was a whole  new experience!!  I got to try this during CNY from my cousin brother! First of all, the name “鸡窝包” had attracted me! Secondly, it smells super good! Thirdly, It taste superb awesome!!! Though i just had satay kajang for my supper 2 hours ago (12am), i feeling desperate for this already! =P

IMG_0217 IMG_0218

Sometimes, it is very hard to describe how delicious is the food! I would rather let my taste bud to evaluate it bacause taste bud wouldn’t tell u a lie!


所谓的“鸡窝包”就是大包加糯米鸡。 包内除了一般糯米鸡该有的鸡肉、叉烧和冬菇外,还放入咸蛋黄以及洋葱煮成的酱汁。要食用时,将包剪成六等分,拨开包皮糯米鸡就“窝”在里面,故称“鸡窝包”。

(Quoted from大家城点心茶楼/)

Address:140 Jalan Radin Anum, Sri Petaling, KL.
HP Number:019-382 5455 (聂城先生)
Business hour:8pm-2pm next day

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